Why TVLowCost?

TVLowCost all-screens approachThe Issue: Still today, nothing beats TV advertising for sheer Impact, Persuasion and Awareness - for both Trade [especially] and Consumer. ONLY TV enables a brand to radically change up a gear. Fact. And Online benefits too through our all-screens approach.

The Problem: But too often TV is hideously expensive - the UK's average for 1x30" Shoot-only is £187k so most small-budget brands see it as way out of reach and waste precious funds on lesser media.

The Solution: TVLowcost has bravely pioneered the UK's Best Value All-in TV Packages across all screens. Working with 30+ year veterans, we deliver complete top-to-bottom, highest quality TV Packages ... but at low-cost . Our most proven is the £270k Pack - below - that includes everything from blank-sheet-to-airdate. Including a tailored National TV Schedule. Unique, it is, but only affordable through our brute experience and unequalled low-cost business model.

The Benefits: Clients Win Win because their [often declining] small-budget brands run hi-impact TV advertising - an average 4 commercials for a fixed £69k – but at minimal cost. Our expertise and nouse across Planning, Creative, Research, Production and Media then delivers a total punch worth 4X its weight. That £270k investment is worth @ £1m in any other large, traditional ad agency. On-air 10 weeks from Brief. Integrated digital via any/other appropriate screens can then add further weight.

The Results: After 10 years our average Sales lifts are a remarkable +29% with net Distribution gains of +25-52%. Without exception, we prove that small spends CAN deliver Results beyond best expectations.

If you want your small-budget brand [RE]-IGNITED, call Andrew Mitchell to see our robust presentation ... on 020 8847 3776 or 07989 839927 or email. See our showreel.