Why a TV specialist?

Specialists will always beat generalists

Why a TV specialist ad agency and not a regular all-media one to promote your brand on TV? Not only is TVLowCost a 100% TV expert but it is the only International agency network with a proven “low-cost” positioning. Firstly.

Secondly, when a marketing Client decides to change up a gear with a chosen brand, he must - one day or other - use TV. TV advertising has a long, proven record of efficacy. Fact. To this day, it still beats all other media hands-down for Impact, Relevance, Persuasion and Memorability. Bar none. Even in this fragmented 21st Century media world. All the big successful, profitable brands across all Categories built their businesses via TV.

But thirdly, TV advertising is not as simple as other forms of brand communication. Not only with its inception and creation but also with entry costs. It can demand high investment but deliver HUGE successes … or EVEN BIGGER failures All dependent on whose hands it is in. Advertisers need to select their advertising partner carefully, for sure.

Final reason? A simple analogy. Someone with a heart problem could stop at his GP treating him or go all the way and ask for a Cardiologist upfront. Health is that important, right? Likewise, a Challenger Brand – probably hopelessly out-gunned by its competitors and subject to daily life-threatening Trade/Distribution pressures – should seek the best expertise and wisest counsel. From longstanding TV Campaign specialists who are not side-tracked onto other more generalist media. Focus and expertise ... all-important.

We believe that for any brand, going onto TV in particular is a vital decision; it will change the size and image of the Company and brand forever. Additionally and in today’s tough economic environment, budgets are tighter than ever and Payback has to take a front seat so, again, partners who will wisely and willingly apply “low-cost” thinking and skills to the process to ensure MAX funds go into the TV media itself … will be of huge extra benefit. That "low-cost" attitude will make all the difference.

Finally here, TVLowCost’s careful selection of its own senior Partners [later] with their respective breadth and depth expertise of Challenger Brands on TV will make an added difference too. Our TV production partner - Space City - shoots 150 commercials pa and processes them all through its own In-House facilities. With huge cost and time savings on top.
So when you are looking for an agency to create an effective TV Campaign that priorises SELLING product whilst building a resilient brand … BUT in parallel knows how to squeeze the max Value from every sponge, why not giving TVLowCost a call? As with health issues, specialist TV skills will always win out over generalists.

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