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TVLowCost UK

Andrew Mitchell, CEO

Andrew Mitchell, CEO TVLowCost UK

Known to Jean-Paul for some years and having established Senioragency in London, Andrew set up the London end of the expanding TVLowCost network in Oct 05. He too is a great believer in its high potential - especially for Challenger Brands, his forte these past 14 years at his own agency founded in 1990: Mitchell Patterson Grime Mitchell.

Andrew now has nearly 40 years' experience in marketing and communications. With two Degrees from Glasgow [Hotel & Catering Management and Marketing Hons], after working as a Chef in The Ritz Piccadilly he joined the small Grey Advertising agency in '74 ... moved to the larger Y&R in '78 ... the fast-growing Publicis in '83 ... and then started his own Mitchell Patterson Grime Mitchell/MPGM agency in '90 with 3 close friends. In '04, the 4 Partners wanted to move on in their respective lives, and happily so. They sold the agency with its 5 specialist companies to their respective managements and another agency. Each is now embarked on new challenges.

Going back in time, if Grey was all about learning the advertising ropes on John West, ICI, BAT and Timex, Y&R was about consolidation as Account Director on big accounts - P&G, Cadbury, Richardson-Vicks and Heinz. His move to Publicis gave him Senior Management and Group experience as Group Vice Chairman of 9 companies. He has now worked on over 200 Companies, 240 brands, 330 TV campaigns and on some 120 pitches. All experience was then combined in '90 as he successfully launched MPGM. Its focus was on Challenger Brands and providing New Insights to secondary brands, all being heavily out-gunned by their competitors and so needing superior strategic and creative firepower in response. Finally, and with broad International brands experience by this time, MPGM joined Interpartners in '96 - Europe's largest 34-strong independent agency network - where Andrew took the No. 2 role to the Chairman. His sole focus now is ensuring TVLowCost's success in the UK.

E-mail : Office: +44 (0)20 88473776 or mobile : +44 (0) 7989 839927.

TVLowCost International

Jean-Paul Tréguer, CEO and Founder

Born '55, graduated in '78 from the French Business University EDHEC, Jean-Paul Tréguer is the originator of the TVLowCost concept, first launched in Paris in Oct '04 It was an immediate hit in the market. This success encouraged him to expand this brave and "revolutionary" approach into other countries quickly to benefit other advertisers.

The French TVLowCost operation gained 57 TV Clients in its first 4 years. In France, it is now the leading Daytime TV Airtime buyer with more than 50000 spots/year on National TV Channels!
Today, the fast-expanding Network is established in 12 countries : France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada and Québec, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and finally Portugal. In only 4 years, the Network has completed 120 Client Projects with over 500 TV commercials. Jean-Paul is also the co-author of a book - "Low Cost Attitude" - which describes the method and philosophy of the successful "Low-cost" concept in business today.

Jean-Paul has spent his whole career in Advertising Agencies - Kenyon & Eckardt and Saatchi & Saatchi. He founded his own agency, MGTB in '82 which then merged with Ayer Worldwide in '87. He then became a member of the Ayer International Board of Directors based in NY. After selling his first agency to EuroRSCG, he launched Senioragency in May '95, establishing the 1st International Agency Network dedicated to Baby-Boomers and 50+ Consumers. Today, the network is in 10 countries.

His involvement in marketing to mature consumers started in '89 after a trip to the US. He created the Senior Academy in '92, the first European specialist focussing on 50+ Consumers. He is also the author of the first two marketing books ever written in Europe on that target: "Le Senior Marketing" (published in '94 and a 4th version issued in '05) plus then "18 Golden Rules to attract Senior consumers" in '96.

In '02, Jean-Paul published "50+ Marketing" in English with Palgrave/MacMillan which sold in 30 countries. He's also well known as an International expert in Generational Marketing and is often invited to give talks to Seminars and Conferences. Since '97, he has continued to expand Senioragency, the first International Agency Network dedicated to 50+ Consumers in parallel with the TVLowCost Network.

E-mail : + 33 (0) 6 08 21 03 98

TVLowCost France

Rodolphe Muller, General Manager and Creative Director

Born '74, Rodolphe MULLER graduated with a Masters in Marketing from the Sorbonne. A father of two sons, has now worked many years in Jean-Paul Tréguer's various Teams and gained a comprehensive knowledge of business and marketing, communications and TV Campaigns. He now manages the main Clients in TVLowCost France.

During his career, he has already been responsible for hundreds of TV commercials. As part of Senioragency too, he made a huge contribution to its separate success following its May '95 launch. On the marketing side, Rodolphe was always drawn to the high potential 50+ Consumer market so his key role as Account Director at Senioragency Paris steadily increased. He also helped launch the first e-magazine for 45+ in March '00.

He has advised many big companies such as Accor, AGF, Axa, Beiersdorf, CCF, Danone, Europ Assistance, Procter & Gamble, Médéric, Nouvelles-Frontières, L'Oréal Paris, Peugeot ... helping them develop their strategies for Baby Boomers and 50+ Consumers on the internet. He regularly hosts Marketing Seminars for Companies and Universities too.

E-mail : or mobile : +33 (0)6 33 77 99 39

TVLowCost Belgium

Jean-Marc Segati, CEO

Born '65, Jean-Marc has spent 18 years in advertising. First as Account Executive for Saatchi & Saatchi, he worked for such major brands as IBM, Beiersdorf and Nabisco.

Then Account Manager on Hertz Europe, UAB, BMW and Vichy before joining Grey Belgium to establish Grey Direct. Then Account Director and European Co-ordinator on BP and BAT, with several major Clients won locally (Delhaize, Mitsubishi) and Internationally (SAS, Skoda).

He moved in '95 to main Grey as Business Director and in '97 then launched Senioragency in Belgium, a new concept and soon to be a great success as an independant company. A logical evolution for Jean-Marc following Senioragency was creating Nextage, a multi-segment global agency with a primary aim of helping advertisers deal with new audiences. Now a Strategic Consultant for various leading companies (Unilever, Coca-Cola, AXA) and a reknowned expert of generational marketing, he is focussed on finding New Business Solutions for his Clients.

TVLowCost is to date the most innovative of them. Launched in Nov '04 just after France, TVLC Belgium has enjoyed steady growth and now handles a broad portfolio of TV Clients.

E-mail : or mobile : +32 477 37 73 64

TVLowCost Bulgaria

Katya Dimitrova, CEO


Also running one of Bulgaria’s leading communications agencies - Interpartners (advertising and PR) - Katya established TVLowCost Bulgaria in Sept 2011. Her 17 years’ experience covers both many local and International clients like Suzuki, Intersport, Deichman, Billa and GSK.

With a marketing background from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and a post-graduate in PR from London Business School, Katya is a member of the Board of The Bulgarian Association of Communications’ Agencies and the Bulgarian PR Association.

Email: and mobile: +359 888 80 43 45

Krassimir Dimitrov, New Business Director

Krassimir Dimitrov

Following a career in leading TV stations bTV, Nova Television and ProBG, Krassimir’s natural skills are for New Business and selling media to both International and domestic clients. After solid sales experience in media, he launched his own media company but then - on hearing of the new TVLowCost challenge - decided to join the venture in August 2011.

Krassimir has an educational background in Engineering with a post-graduate in MarCom.

Email: and mobile:+359 887 10 60 21

Dressislava Vladova, Client Service Director


With a strong background in media and TV, Dessislava is highly experienced in Client Services.

Dessislava has a Masters Degree in PR from the University of Sofia and a Bachelors Degree in Trade Management too.

Email: and mobile: +359 886 30 17 21

TVLowCost Germany

Joerg Lathwesen, CEO

Joerg Lathwesen is an International Creative Director who started his career at Ogilvy Germany and later in the USA, BBDO and D'Arcy where he was CCO for the European Alfa Romeo Account. He next moved to the Ayer Group as CCO and a Partner. He met Jean-Paul Treguer and worked with him as a Creative counterpart and Creative Co-ordinator on the huge European Beiersdorf business with its successful Nivea range. During his career he has worked on such demanding Clients as Philips, Colgate, AT&T, Henkel, Continental Tyres, Ritter Sport, Telekom Germany and Olympus.

In '95 he launched his own agency and became the main Partner of ESKOM Hamburg, serving Clients like Ferrero.

Joerg is a well-known Jury President and is Guest Speaker for many top Tourism Companies in Germany during the annual celebrations for the "Tourism Oscars" - Awards going to the most Creative Campaigns.

In August '05, he launched TVLowCost Germany, sharing the same vision and "Low-cost" concept as the expanding Network. Immediate reactions in Germany were strong for the simple, brave but brilliant premise behind TVLowCost. Flattery indeed from this particularly economically-minded country, leave alone its Clients!

E-mail : or mobile : +49 17 25 121 882

TVLowCost Italy

Michele Russo, Co-founder and President

Michele Russo

In 1990 he founded Mirus, marketing & advertising agency with 4 offices in Italy (including Milano and Roma) and works with major companies in the country.
In March 2012, TVLowCost Italia has been launched with a full team (creative, account, production) with main offices in Milano, Roma, Pescara and Macerata.

E-Mail :

Monica Astrologo, Co-founder

Monica Astrologo

Monica Astrologo, Co-founder TVLowCost Italy is General Director, she has 20 years experience in marketing, advertising and Human Resource. After her Political Science degree, she worked with several international companies as professional consultant.

E-Mail :

TVLowCost Sweden

Hakan Vitestam, Co-founder

Hakan Vitestam co-founded TVLowCost Stockholm with his Managing Partner, Toby Detter (below) in Summer '07.

Armed with a BA Degree from the University of Lund and now with 20+ yrs advertising experience, he had also launched Senioragency in Stockholm in '02 - now one of a strong 10-agency Network focussed on the 50+ Consumer market.

As a Creative Director, Håkan has won more than his fair share of Creative Awards for well-known brands such as IKEA, Telia Telecoms and the Ving Tour Operator. And with his additional Planning skills has developed many successful Brand and Communications Strategies for Food and Travel Companies.

During his career, he has been a Partner in advertising agencies like Lowe Brindfors, in both Sweden and Norway [having launched the Norway office] ... Blanking ... and also JWT. He has also worked as a freelance Planner and Communication Consultant for many years.

Email :

Toby Detter, Co-founder

Toby Detter, co-founded TVLowCost Stockholm with his Creative Partner, Hakan Vitestam (above) in Summer 07.

Alongwith his Partner Hakan, he set up Senioragency back in '02 and similarly has been a key player in that success story, helping brands optimise their shares of the fast-growing 50+ Consumers market.

Toby is also one of Europe's top experts in the field of Customer Management (CM) and in Strategic Marketing. His academic background is from Lund University with a Masters in Chemical Engineering, plus Marketing Studies from Uppsala University. With his depth experience of CM and Brand Strategies, he has developed various methodologies and tools which have been used across more than 30 countries within the Shell Group of Companies. Over 20 yrs, Toby has gained wide International experience - across both Industrial and consumer operations - successfully implementing large projects and generating exceptional results.


TVLowCost Spain

Guillem Recolons, Founding Partner

Guillem Recolons has more than 20 yrs' experience in advertising. He has worked for Tiempo BBDO, JWT, Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi and Altraforma amongst others.

He is currently a Consultant as founding partner of Lateral Consulting and now TVLowCost Spain.

E-mail : or mobile : +34 639 330 110

TVLowCost New Zealand

Chris Schultz, Director

Chris Schultz has been both sides of the fence - brand marketing and advertising.

He has 14 yrs' brand marketing experience in NZ and the UK in the Wine Industry with Mildara Blass and Glengarry, and with FMCG company Griffins Foods managing the ETA brand.

Chris is also Managing Director of Senioragency New Zealand, TVLowCost’s sister agency. His experience in tapping into baby boomers and seniors is unrivalled in New Zealand.

E-mail : or mobile : +64 9 309 4080

Simon Healy, Managing Director

Simon’s been in the New Zealand ad industry for 25 yrs. He set up Spawn Advertising, a boutique Auckland ad agency in '99. He has held roles of Group Account Director at M&C Saatchi and prior to that, Group Account Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland.

He has worked across most categories from Airlines to FMCG brands. Simon’s years of experience in developing ad campaigns sets a solid foundation for TVLowCost New Zealand.

E-mail : or mobile : +6421398333

TVLowCost Australia

Chris Cormack, Group Managing Director

The first TV ad Chris Cormack was ever part of was for British Airways in the 1980’s featuring Malcolm McClaren which had the largest budget ever committed to a TV commercial at that time. That was over 100 TV commercials ago.

Chris brought Senioragency to Australia over 5 years ago which remains a significant player in the Australian advertising landscape. Based on this uniqueness and pioneer attitude Chris is proud to bring the TVLowCost concept to Australia.

Chris has extensive experience in the creation of strategic TV advertising and collateral for clients with tiny to massive budgets. Over the years Chris has managed a diversity of media and other communication tools on behalf of clients yet TV still seems to be the one that delivers constantly in good and bad times. “The problem with TV advertising is that so many people believe it is out of reach for their brand, this is rubbish, that’s why I have launched TVLowCost to prove TV advertising is not elitist, it is very democratic”.

Just some of Chris’s TV credits in Australia include Millers, Katies, Australia Post, Steel Can Recycling Council, Community First Credit Union, Victoria Towers, TransAmerica, Cancer Council, Mission Australia, Red Cross, Heart Foundation…

Chris has a monthly column in Retail Pharmacy Magazine and has appeared on the Today Show as a contributing speaker.

E-mail : or mobile : 0411 116 600

Siobhan Keaton, Deputy Managing Director

Siobhan is a specialist in brand management, media and communications.

With years working in big agencies such as DMB&B and Leo Burnett in both the UK and Australia Siobhan knows how to produce TV ads with outstanding creative. But years clocked up working client side for brands such as MBF and Perpetual shifted her focus to making ads with a focus on delivering outstanding results (without the hefty budgets).

Working both agency and client side has given Siobhan a wealth of knowledge about the challenges and opportunities that the business and marketing worlds face in this era of return on investment scrutiny.

Every cent of a marketers budget needs to be justified and spend on ‘expensive TV’ is constantly scrutinised. Not only does Siobhan know how to produce low cost TV and prove TV works, she can also help you put forward a rock solid case for TV that you could present to any CEO.

She has developed award winning strategies and high performance campaigns for blue chip brands such as AMP Banking, Westfield, ING, Millers, Katies, Crossroads and ClearView Retirement Solutions to name a few.

E-mail: or mobile: 0412 388 249