All inclusive TV Pack

We invented the concept of 'TV packs "to enable our customers to communicate by TV from £195k all inclusive (pre-test, buying space, production of a film saga, a barometer of notoriety and fees for the agency) and we are committed by contract not to make them spend an extra euro.

We've come to understand, since the time that we work with advertisers in all sectors and sizes, that one of their major problems with "high-cost" advertising is their well-known tendency to drift and to make overruns. It's a real headache and a source of anxiety that strongly discredits the advertising industry. The TV is inherently an expensive medium with many variables, it is often rejected because deemed too risky.

The "all inclusive TV Pack" is our answer. By contract, the agency agrees that, for example, for £270k, everything is included without any drift possible: fees of creation, usage rights, construction and completion of a "saga" of films, consumer pre test, national IPSOS barometer , media planning and purchase of a number of guaranteed spots on major networks. No exceedances can occur, guaranteed by contract. In 7 years, the TVLowCost agency has built a complete range of "all inclusive TV Packs" that start at £195k for a strong communication on major terrestrial channels and even less for communication exclusively on DTT channels.

Our method

Remember, when Easyjet proposed low cost flights for 1 euro, no one thought it was possible. With our "all inclusive TV packs", we get the same reactions from the advertising market. The budgets of our TV packs are so low that some advertisers do not believe it and that most of our competitors think it's impossible. And yet it works! You just need to rigorously apply the TVLowCost method every step of the creative process to make things possible.

1. TV Media Planning... and avoiding the obvious

When most agencies habitually concentrate on Terrestrial Peak with its larger audiences but huge resultant costs, TVLowCost exploits the many opportunist buying occasions on Satellite/MCH during Peak and Off-peak, alongwith Daytime and Off-Peak on Terrestrial. With great effect. The laws of supply and demand for Terrestrial Peak force prices radically upwards but rifling commercials across these others can often be 6 times cheaper. Programming there has far more tightly-focussed Target Audiences with stronger reasons to watch ... so you can gain great Added Value plus better cost-efficiencies from such a strategy. On a low relative budget, this makes ALL the difference and, alongwith a potent cocktail of other clever thinking and ideas, we S-T-R-E-T-C-H those ££s. All consumers are consumers at the end of the day; it's only what you need to pay in order to reach them that's the real issue.

TVLowCost's chosen Media partner in the UK is John Ayling & Associates/JAA. With depth experience of Challenger Brands since 1978, they are well-known and respected – and one of the very few that refuse to adhere to Agency/Station Deals. More beneficial to high-spenders, they insist on the rights to tailor any Plan to each brand. And focus on Value rather than force-fitting it to a fixed Channel mix template. See:

If, however, a Client has an incumbent Media agency we can/do regularly plug into their choice. No problem.

2. The All-in-One TVLowCost revolution... from £195k ONLY !

Having worked across all categories and sizes of advertiser, we appreciate the enormous pressures on TV budgets ... but the ease with which they can be exceeded. The Ad Industry still remains unsympathetic to such constant headaches. Sadly, many bruised Clients avoid the risk altogether. Too risky, right? We'd say NO … and one of our 4 All-in TV Packages is the answer. As with JAA on Media, we have chosen the best possible TV Production Company to partner: Space City TV Studios. See .Founded 1981 and with Clients like the BBC, Thomas Cook, Orangina, Dettol and Mencap they produce 150 commercials pa and, significantly have total in-house facilities all the way through to transmission. Eg. Our inclusions for the £270k "Challenger 1" Pack guarantees the following all-inclusive services with no extra costs: Management of the entire Project [on-air 8 weeks from Brief] ... Creative fees and rights of use ... full TV Production through to copy clearance, on-air transmission and running costs ... 2 Group Discussions to pre-test Creative Ideas upfront plus a two-stage quantified pre- and post- Omnibus Awareness Check by IPSOS ... AND a fully-tailored Nat TV Airtime Package with @ 55% Coverage, 4 OTS and a minimum 2000 rifled spots. No extra costs. No nasty surprises. Pioneering, brave and unique in the UK as a complete "Challenger" Package: £270k All-in. But we also have a lower "Entry Level" Pack at £195k ... a "Challenger 2" Pack at £320k, with more into the Media ... and even a "Euro/3 Markets" Pack at £665k, all Internationally project-managed from London. Brilliant value.

TVLowCost also has contacts with other specialist Partner suppliers, all of whom we have long experience with and all of whom are pioneers, and deliver in spades. Barford Films ... . Masters of Corporate Videos and related films, Tim Mein [Director] will write, Shoot and manage a tailored 7-8 minute film to announce and celebrate Client's new TV Campaign. For use with the Trade, Staff, the Company, City, Shareholders through to internal/external briefing, such films are invaluable through providing a business, strategic and creative rationale for the Campaign. Included will be interviews with key Clients, sneak-shots of the commercials being shot, product/ranges and so on. Cost? Very reasonable at @ £7k.

Other Partners include Duke TV for Digital ... CMA Research for Qualitative Research ... the MEC Media Network, part of Group M for International Media ... and other specialists covering all other fields.

3. A minimum of senior staff focussed on the essentials

A key principle of “low-cost” generally, and it works. Avoid expensive non-essentials and hangers-on; only deliver what the consumer/Client actually needs. Ryanair and easyJet planes are just as reliable as major carriers’ planes. Crews just as competent. But the lounges, free drinks and over-generous staffing levels can stay with their competitors ... simply because they ain’t needed. TVLowCost applies these same rules. A tight team and not a troop. Modest offices with no OTT HQ's. No shareholders applying XS pressures on margins at all costs, profits being their sole mission. We apply only the senior skills necessary to ensure total success, and from one combined team led by Andrew Mitchell with experience across 150 Clients, 220 brands and over 300 TV commercials under his belt. Our 4-step process and “low-cost” ethos enables new, creative, but tangible TV Campaigns – commercials crafted to SELL - to hit all those screens on time, on budget, and in only 8 weeks.

4. TV Production: the less expensive way

Campaigns can cost more or less, as you like. But the very best, persuasive Creative Ideas are simple and don't always need to be executed expensively. They also sell by themselves. A commercial complete with famous actor and shot on 35mm on the Barrier Reef will certainly cost, but is it all to mask ... that there's no great idea there in the first place? Maybe. We'd prefer to focus on bringing out the brand's own tangible product plusses - its Competitive Edges - rather than applying loads of expensive seduction techniques to do the selling. Product edge over solus imagery any day! There is a difference in approach here. Our advertising has to SELL, and deliver Payback.

Our TV Production system concentrates on producing the best commercials BUT in the most tailored and economical way possible. Every time. Always shooting in our Studios or out locally, with digital film and simultaneous cameras, with Directors with wider experience than just ads, and with canny In-house production methods ... these are only some of the methods we use to trim costs down to as needed only levels. Space City's breadth and depth of TV experience over 28 years from its all In-house facilities in Hammersmith provides all the creativity, technical skills and reassurance Clients need. With huge cost savings … and note that our average is 4 commercials per project [another example of smarter thinking these days]. TVLowCost then uses this leverage to deliver quality work ... to our Clients. And then together celebrates converting both non-TV advertisers and lapsed users to using TV advertising again, still the most powerful of all media today ... with some consistent and remarkable business Results gained to boot.