Who are we?

An AFFORDABLE, but pioneering TV Advertising Group ...

... that breaks rules in order to get smaller Challenger Brands onto TV. Run by long, 30+ year experienced professionals who have brought their expertise in Brands, Marketing and TV advertising to the table ... and deliberately crafted unique All-in TV Packages. But "low-cost" Packages that small, deserving Challenger Brands can AFFORD. Why? Because we firmly believe that only TV advertising, even today, makes all the difference to a Brand's success ... both with the Trade and Consumers. Too many brands spend serious monies on non-TV media today with expensive Campaigns that ... get them absolutely nowhere. Treading water, at best. Our remarkable, irrefutable and consistent Results - beyond Clients' Best Expectations - prove that small budgets CAN deliver on TV! Fact.

TVLowCost was first launched in Paris Oct 04. 100% independent, it belongs to its Managers. Unusual for the Ad Industry where 85% belong to 5 global groups. Having first pioneered a unique All-in TV Package for only £270k - designed to offer the Best Value possible and so enable smaller Challenger Brands to get onto TV ... 3 more NEW All-in TV Packs have just been introduced. See "All-in TV Packages" earlier.

Operating in 7 countries, the network has completed over 500 Projects and some 2000 TV commercials, and delivered some equally remarkable Results. Results beyond Best Expectations. Our ethos.

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TVLowCost, the specialist TV agency that has ... at last, made TV advertising AFFORDABLE.