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TVLowCost becomes a shareholder in the network Worldwide Partners

When TVLowCost launched 12 years ago, we created local partnerships allowing us to expand Internationally. This early network included a presence in Belgium, Bulgaria, UK and New Zealand. The low-cost principles and work strategy used in France resonated with all our foreign partners, who now manage more than 250 clients. But business development country by country is slow.

With more and more clients asking for International support in countries where we were not present, we had to find an effective solution. We did in-depth Research to find the best way to go International for our Group and discovered the Worldwide Partners Network.

We were interested primarily, because it was founded by agencies that are 100% independent like us. This is a guarantee that our clients will be serviced by teams with the same entrepreneurial philosophy we have—not by agencies motivated by creative awards from countless shows giving out “Chocolate Medals” which we reject. And also because we are shareholders in the network.

Our Network is in 50 countries with 65 agencies.

Worldwide Partners was founded in 1938 in the USA. The founders of several independent US agencies got together to share their experiences, work strategies and develop collaborative initiatives.

The first group of five soon expanded to include agencies from all four corners of the US.

Today the North American market has more than 30 agencies in the world’s largest advertising markets with nearly 60 offices.

After the Second World War major US advertisers looked to conquer foreign markets, first Europe and then rapidly in Latin America and Asia Pacific. Worldwide Partner agencies are located globally to help serve US clients and allow non-US agency clients to export.

The 1960’s and 70’s saw the remarkable expansion of global networks originated in the US (McCann-Erikson, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Grey, DDB, Lintas, Ogilvy & Mather) who were followers of the philosophy of “I only want to see one head”, executing identical campaigns around the world.

Contrary to this marketing school of thought about strictly enforcing the same brand imagery, the Worldwide Partners network of agencies value their strong entrepreneurial identities with a vision of marketing and communication that is more refined and adapted specifically for the local market. Today the behemoths of global advertising are too heavy, too slow, too expensive and are merging as a response in order to try to survive.

Everywhere, independent agencies are snatching parts of their market share because they can be responsive, flexible and creative in economies where you must be able to react and innovate at full speed to enable clients to win.

TVLowCost as well as being a shareholder in the network, is also in advanced talks with several large markets, bringing our original know-how to our new partners.

John Harris ­– Worldwide Partners – President & CEO

John Harris is President & CEO of Worldwide Partners. The network has three offices with world headquarters located in Denver, Colorado; EMEA in Helsinki; and APR in Singapore. John recently joined as head of Worldwide Partners in April 2016, with a strong advertising and marketing background.

“I accepted the position of President/CEO in April, 2016 for a number of reasons. First of all, I believe that now more than ever, the opportunities for independent agencies have never been greater than they are today. As clients look beyond the large, multi-national agencies and the traditional AOR model for creativity and innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates our partner agencies positions these independent agencies to more effectively support the marketing and business priorities of brands. Secondly, our network has consistently demonstrated an ability to service global brands on a global basis, including the brand leaders in categories that range from soft drinks to beer, packaged goods to pharmaceuticals, and airlines to automobiles. And finally, the owners of our partner agencies are charismatic, entrepreneurial leaders. They are successful businessmen and women who approach their client’s business as if it were their own. Their energy is contagious, inspiring and motivating.”