Why TVLowCost?

The Issue:

Still today, nothing beats TV advertising for sheer Impact, Persuasion and Awareness – for both Trade [especially] and Consumer. ONLY TV enables a brand to radically change up a gear. Fact. And Online benefits too through our all-screens approach.

The Problem:

But too often TV is hideously expensive – the UK’s average for 1×30″ Shoot-only is £187k so most small-budget brands see it as way out of reach and waste precious funds on lesser media.

The Solution:

TVLowcost has bravely pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages across all screens. Working with 30+ year veterans, we deliver complete top-to-bottom, highest quality TV Packages … but at low-cost . Our most proven is the £275k Pack – below – that includes everything from blank-sheet-to-airdate. Including a tailored National TV Schedule. Unique, it is, but only affordable through our brute experience and unequalled low-cost business model.

The Benefits:

Clients Win Win because their [often declining] small-budget brands run hi-impact TV advertising – an average 4 commercials for a fixed £69k – but at minimal cost. Our expertise and nouse across Planning, Creative, Research, Production and Media then delivers a total punch worth 4X its weight. That £275k investment is worth @ £1m in any other large, traditional ad agency. On-air 10 weeks from Brief. Integrated digital via any/other appropriate screens can then add further weight.

The Results:

After 10 years our average Sales lifts are a remarkable +29% with net Distribution gains of +25-52%. Without exception, we prove that small spends CAN deliver Results beyond best expectations.


If you want your small-budget brand [RE]-IGNITED, call Andrew Mitchell to see our robust presentation … on 020 8847 3776 or 07989 839927 or email. See our showreel.


All-In TV Packs

TVLowCost's proven low-cost ONLINE TV Packs

– There’s no doubting the power of Offline/TV + Online/digital/web together, especially for smaller Challenger Brands on tight budgets.
– As an average, Online on top of Offline TV is twice as effective as TV alone – but far less costly.
– TVLowCost has pioneered Digital Packages to deliver compelling but affordable digital solutions across desktop, tablet and mobile.
– By adopting our low-cost ethos, we have challenged the media placement model, cut the excesses, taken out the middleman and applied realistic margins to pass on the savings to you.
– And again, found smarter ways to give smaller Challenger Brands on small budgets another Unfair Competitive Advantage. Our competitors cannot match this.
– Which means you can do More for Less with TVLowCost – either TV mainstream and/or any appropriate screen, dependent on budget.

However, you need compelling material that appeals to any online audience and which integrates with your TV campaign – which is why TVLowCost has created its online Digital Extension Packs. By taking this approach, we ensure your campaign resonates across all touch-points right throughout the customer journey: from awareness, response and investigation to actual purchase and re-targeting, continually converting shoppers into real customers. With interactive video player to make your products directly shoppable from your video content, we also offer Real-time analytics to show what is working hardest to drive sales, and from where. With streams across Tablet and Mobile too. So we are totally commercial – for maximum returns.

These not only deliver video, display and social media, but they also provide you with the assets to make your campaign fully integrate across TV, website, video channels and VOD. And we’ve made them as flexible as possible.

When we create your TV campaign, we can also deliver online assets like stills for landing pages, interviews/behind-the-scene videos for social media and expanding banners with video content and calls-to-action. These can all be used across your current online activity or in our Online Media Packs.

As example, view a selection of the integrated TV and online video assets created by our production partner for fast fashion retailer Missguided. Four theme-related executions delivered from one TV shoot:


Our Digital Extension packs

When we create your TV ad we will also create integrated content that you can add to your website, use in your online advertising and on social media. And we have a range of online media packs to extend your campaign online.

You want to know more ?

Then come and meet us. In 1 hour, you will know everything about TVLowCost and you will be able to forge your own opinion. I can show you just how we have created TV campaigns that have had an immediate impact on brands/companies’ fortunes. For only £275k All-in.