10 Reasons for TV

TV punches hardest

Why £ for £, TV still punches hardest. Specially so for small budget brands.

We have a passion for Challenger Brands with small budgets. Long experience working only on them has given us depth knowledge of their very real competitive challenges – surviving this next decade. Most are choking already. With Trade leverage alone increasing, not all can survive. They need to break free in all ways.

Your own Challenger will fare better observing these Rules. As many have. But even better if you adopt our “low-cost” approach and enjoy the fuller benefits that we offer – affordable TV advertising.

We have bravely pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages. Defying traditional big budget TV, these are consistently proving themselves with remarkable Results, re-igniting sleepy, going nowhere brands. TV works! And as TV evangelists, we have now made it affordable and cost effective.

Reason 1/10

Spend Wisely…

So the maximum goes into Media.

Our“low-cost” approach to business delivers top quality strategic thinking, creativity and added value but with all non-essential costs and margins pared back to the minimum.

Meantime, TV’s costs are as cheap as they were a decade ago. Did you know? But its unassailable ability to hit MILLIONS of consumers instantly – but now with cross-hairs accuracy – minimises wastage and improves cost-efficiency. And small-budget brands cannot afford waste! TV advertising also has a halo and multiplier effect across a brand’s portfolio, making other forms of advertising work much harder. Fact: TV is the most proven medium for brand-building.

Source: Thinkbox.

Reason 2/10

Think Cleverer…


So that all aspects of your brand’s planning and profile become compelling.

Our key players are veterans of both advertising and Challenger Brands, all with 30+years’ experience. We are the SAS of the Ad Industry, specialising in TV only, both offline and online. We know how to help make a brand indispensable to consumers. And the Trade.

TV itself has always been amazing value because it delivers the most profit of all media [an increasing average return of £1.79 for every £1 invested], both in absolute terms [return minus investment] and proportionately to spend [return divided by investment]. Add its unbeatable Coverage, Reach and Frequency benefits with people watching way more TV than a decade ago [30 hours pw] and it puts all other media in the shade.

Reason 3/10

Be Bold…


Surprise consumers and the Trade with the unexpected.

We will reverse declines in brand awareness, sales, distribution, margins and so profits. Whatever you’ve been doing, your ATL has not been working as hard as it could. Probably.

Truth is: Brands only change gear with TV. TV creates the most profit, pound for pound and delivers that unbeatable Coverage and Reach to hit millions. TV advertising is twice as effective at creating sales uplift per equivalent exposure than the next best performing medium [press]. Press advertising delivers 52% of the sales uplift that TV creates, radio 27%, online display [excluding VOD] 13%, and outdoor a mere 11%. TV consistently demonstrates the highest return on investment [ROI] of any form of advertising this past decade, despite a long period of economic recession and major upheavals in media technology and consumption.

Reason 4/10

Smash Media Myths…


Too many old hat TV beliefs hold no truth today.

All rubbish! Our remarkable All-in “low-cost” TV Packages prove that small budgets CAN deliver huge business returns on TV, and make all the difference to a brand’s turnaround. And smart, tightly targeted Media Planning and Buying through JAA Media – avoiding nonsense Station Deals – delivers exceptional punch and value. No wastage. To most smaller brands, our TV can mean new life-blood.

The reality today is that TV delivers the highest return of any medium: £4.5m per £1m spent. And delivers value for longer. On average, the first year’s investment was still delivering at 80% of the Year 1 level in Year 2, and even Years 3 and 4 were benefitting from TV investment from Year 1. Campaigns that use TV are 25% more effective than ones that did not. Campaigns that used TV as the lead medium are more likely to generate larger business effects.

Reason 5/10

Maximise SALIENCY…


You can’t blame consumers and Trade if they’ve forgotten you. Yell loudly!

No other media comes remotely close to TV’s impact and persuasion. And latest TV viewing has risen to 4+ hours daily, or 30 hours per week. Only TV advertising builds robust, profitable brands – even today. And we have at last made TV advertising affordable.

Take reassurance from these TV truths: TV advertising is 2.5 times more effective at creating sale uplift per equivalent exposure than the next best performing medium [press]. None of the 1000 ad campaigns studies achieved substantial long-term profit growth without investing in TV advertising. All TV ads create response and, as the new point of sale medium, it is the dominant youth medium. Fame – which TV excels at – is at the heart of the most effective advertising and TV creates emotion better than all other media too. And ‘liking’ an ad – which TV also excels at – is the best predictor of business success.

Reason 6/10

Avoid Waste…


Small spends in non-TV media get a declining brand precisely nowhere (but expensively so).

Take our pioneering £275k All-in TV Package and its £150k media allocation: against our TV’s average of 49% Coverage at @ 3+ OTS, a typical 30” radio campaign for national shoppers will give @ 20% at 3.3 OTH. Women’s Weeklies: 25% of BC1C2 at 2.5 and with Monthly Mags, a paltry 24% ABC1 Women at @ 2.8. Or how about 350 x 48’s … but for 2 weeks? Blink and you’d miss them all [but expensively so].

Besides TV being the most talked about medium offline or online, JAA Media’s uncompromising refusal to bow to self-serving Station Deals means budgets are tailored to precise targeting on a Programme-led basis. No wastage. Bigger bang for your £.

Reason 7/10

Leveraging the Trade…



The fact is: ONLY TV impresses the Trade. Forget radio, print or any other medium [that arrogant 24 year old Buyer won’t even look up].

And with 90%+ of all FMCG going through the Big Multi’s – if you don’t have their active support and respect, your dwindling shelf-space will see you into oblivion. Strong Distribution is all! Even more vital to small-budget premium brands, right? TV delivers like no other – to the Trade as well as Consumers.

Reason 8/10

Work small budgets harder…


TVLowCost has cracked high production costs.



Besides being project-based – so no monthly fees strangling your brand for 12 months – 30+ years of TV experience has enabled us to don “low-cost” hats and pioneer the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packs. And that includes the usual barrier of hideous high-cost Shoots. When the UK’s average Shoot-only cost for 1 x 30” TV brand commercial last year was £187k, we deliver an average of 4 top quality commercials for a fixed-price £69k. Our Clients regularly estimate our productions would cost 4X that if shot by their current ad agency … at @ £250-300k. And you don’t work for globals like Nestle, Muller, Novartis, Sanofi, Dairy Crest and Unilever without delivering these and other savings across the board either.

So, with our unique low-cost business model working for your brand’s benefit plus our cost-effective TV Buying strategy hitting the spots – and then our top TV productions delivering exceptional value – you’ll appreciate that our internal “Make every £1 worth £4” ethos punches harder. SAS-style.

Reason 9/10

Result? More for less…


Brave strategy. Tangible advertising. Bigger punch.


And so better results to match. Those above achievements represent our TV campaign’s remarkable averages from our standard Challenger Pack after a decade. Most Clients then settle to 2-3 bursts pa – repeat booking through payback being the ultimate test of our efficacy.

Being TV professionals and great believers in the power of online/digital too besides offline, TVLowCost also has a variety of All-in Online Packs. See overleaf. Remembering that consumers are 50% more likely to buy with offline and online combined.

Reason 10/10

Test TVLowCost.


All-in Packages to suit every pocket.


Spare us that 1 hour for brief Case Studies and a full explanation of just how we do it? And how we can tailor a winning TV Package for your own brand. Time well-spent and at least you’d then know our capabilities for future planning.

Win with us.

Clients WIN WIN with us.



Now into our second decade and operating in 5 markets, TVLowCost has bravely pioneered affordable All-in TV Packages for small-budget but deserving Challenge Brands. And proven that small spends CAN deliver big results – in the right hands. Some 500 Clients and over 2000 TV commercials later, we remain unique for our seniority, skills, focus, creativity and added value. Experienced strategic thinking and creativity but all powered by a rare “low-cost” mentality across the board, plus the desire to give such brands unfair competitive advantages. Ourt own remuneration is cut to the bone to enable low TV investment risks upfront – and then purely on a Pay [only] as you grow basis. Win Win, indeed. Spare is that 1 hour for our results-orientated Presentation? Nothing to lose.