10 Insights for small brands


For successful Challenger Brands


We have a passion for Challenger Brands with small budgets. Long experience working only on them has given us unequalled knowledge on their very real challenge – surviving the next decade. And unequalled know-how on how best to both leverage the Trade in their favour, and (re-) build tangible consumer franchises cost-effectively. Some 30+ years’ experience overlaying a “low-cost” approach to business makes us a tangible ally.

Truth is: Challenger Brands need unfair competitive advantage to survive, let alone grow.

TVLowCost has pioneered a brave new “low-cost” approach to developing TV advertising that punches hugely above weight, delivering consistent and remarkable Results well above expectations. All on small budgets. A unique and potent cocktail of disciplines. Smarter, cannier thinking. Compelling creativity. Tangible, focussed advertising. Incisive Research. Highest value but “low-cost” Production. Laser accurate media. Using only longstanding brand and advertising veterans, we RE-IGNITE sleepy, going nowhere brands. Clients will do well to heed our wise and proven INSIGHTS outlined here, and avoid the many traps that such Challenger Brands too often fall into. Read on..


Insight 1/10

Be SMART with ad agency choice. Avoid “high-cost” partners.


The fact is medium-large, traditional agencies have high overheads, heavy structures and huge pitch costs to fund. Hidden agendas are “high-cost”. This means they will hoover up your limited monies in fees and OTT costs. When you need precisely the opposite. Under-confident, inexperienced Clients tend to choose the like for their secondary brands.

Insight 2/10

Insist on proven VETERANS…


The truth is medium-large agencies struggle to give value to small budget Challenger Brands. On every level. When your deserving brand needs fewer but more experienced veterans, you’ll get too many juniors. And the occasional management person popping in [and out]. Beware. Expensive mediocrity. Look for a 30yr+ veterans-only agency to benefit from.

Insight 3/10

Demand MORE for Less…


MORE unfair competitive advantages at every level. Better people. More of their time. Smarter thinking. Superior, compelling creativity. Tangible advertising that delivers beyond expectations. Faster turnaround. All for lower costs. With remuneration solely based on Clients paying ONLY if they grow, how brave is that? Which agency offers all this?

Insight 4/10



Clients always talk straight to Clients.


Our Clients consistently award us top marks across the board, and doubly amazed at our speed. Spare us 1 hour for brief Case Studies and a full explanation of just how we do it? And how we can tailor a winning All-in TV Package for your own brand? Time well-spent and at least you’d then know our capabilities for future planning.


Insight 5/10

Make TRADE leverage part of the servicing…


Small brands need more business understanding, more experienced hands and INSIGHTS regarding the vital [but arrogant] Trade and how best to gain their respect, support and more SKU’s. Wider, deeper Distribution will always help afford bigger marcoms budgets, and Payback. For small brands, getting [back] onto TV can literally be a saviour [but affordably so].

Insight 6/10

Demand AFFORDABLE TV advertising…


Recognise that, even today in this fragmented multi-media world, TV advertising still reigns SUPREME when it comes to Trade leverage and Consumer saliency and persuasion. Bar none. The only problem is AFFORDING TV, right? Look for a specialist ad agency with the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages. One that has made TV affordable, at last.

Insight 7/10

Insist on the IMPOSSIBLE…


TV Shoots costing “low-cost” money!


When the average Shoot-only cost for 1×30” TV commercials last year across 50,000 commercials was a whopping £187k, anyone know where to get 4 top quality commercials shot and edited for £69k fixed? Be nice if the agency had also won 3 Awards for “Best Campaign on a small budget” too. With results playing the major part.

Insight 8/10

Ensure NO WASTAGE with Media Buying…


And say NO to Station Deals!

Small budget brands cannot afford waste. All large media agencies are stuffed with self-serving Station Deals which really only benefit hi-spending, broadly targeted brands. Discounts are pithy these days anyway. This restricts abilities to tailor small budgets precisely, and put candidate Stations head to head for best value packages. Station Deals prevent niche brands from punching above weight, so don’t use them. Our JAA Media partner has never tolerated such restrictions.

Insight 9/10

Demand RESULTS beyond Best Expectations…


Demand a Sales uplift of at least +29% from burst 1 … with direct Distribution gains of between +25-52% … and Ex-Factory increases of +24-110%. Averages from TVLowCost’s All-in TV Package of £275k including fees, creative, production, 2 stages of Research and a tailored Nat TV Schedule. With the test of our efficacy being Clients booking follow-up TV bursts, take comfort from many of our new TV advertisers being on their 5th, 6th or even 16th burst in 4 years.

Insight 10/10



You could spend £275k in Print, Radio or many other online media but NONE have remotely the same IMPACT, PERSUASION and MEMORABILITY that TV has. Nor the equivalent Reach and Frequency for the money. This All-in TV Package for only £275k includes ALL those roles above. With remarkable results consistently delivered. With payback. All brought to you by a SAS-style, proven veteran team of Challenger Brand experts. Can’t get better than that.

Win With TVLowCost

Clients WIN WIN with us.


Now into our second decade and operating in 5 markets, TVLowCost has bravely pioneered affordable All-in TV Packages for small-budget but deserving Challenge Brands. And proven that small spends CAN deliver big results – in the right hands. Some 500 Clients and over 2000 TV commercials later, we remain unique for our seniority, skills, focus, creativity and added value. Experienced strategic thinking and creativity but all powered by a rare “low-cost” mentality across the board, plus the desire to give such brands unfair competitive advantages. Ourt own remuneration is cut to the bone to enable low TV investment risks upfront – and then purely on a Pay [only] as you grow basis. Win Win, indeed. Spare is that 1 hour for our results-orientated Presentation? Nothing to lose.